More Than A Mat – The AcroMat Mission

AcroMat strives to rid the world of unsafe anti-fatigue mats by designing custom mats that fit perfectly. In our pursuit of safety excellence, we’ve developed a set of tools and resources designed to create awareness throughout our customer’s facility, ensure correct matting is used in every application, provide on-site advice and product testing prior to purchase, and keep work areas safe with regular inspections.

AcroMat provides proven anti-fatigue mat solutions that are designed to be safe. Our outside account managers conduct regular site visits and work closely with on-site contacts to deliver solutions that keep employees safe and comfortable. We work with manufacturing and distribution companies and are focused on success for our customers, employees, families and communities.

Our Values

Our NEVER TIREā„¢ philosophy is built upon these five core values:

  • Positive

  • Responsible

  • Innovative

  • Passionate

  • Transparent

Why AcroMat?

  • AcroMat is the only manufacturer of anti-fatigue mats directly supplying end users

  • AcroMat specializes in designing anti-fatigue mats that fit perfectly, making them to be any shape or sizes and offers them at standard square foot prices

  • Our ability to create one-piece custom mats ensures the greatest possible safety and comfort for operators

  • We have dedicated account managers perform regular site visits to uphold safety standards

  • We offer presentations and training with safety teams as well as offer framed certificates to promote safety culture

The AcroMat Method

Our account managers take each client through The 90 Day Sprint to ensure the success of each project and that the highest level of mat safety is achieved in their facility. Contact us today to learn more!

The AcroMat Method