Anti-Fatigue Mats for Laboratory Environments

The challenges created in laboratory environments are well known to AcroMat. The number of different chemicals and materials that come through labs for testing and product development can create significant issues with anti-fatigue matting that is not known in any other application. On top of that, standing is usually prolonged in these facilities so providing a safe and comfortable environment is essential. Let AcroMat help your laboratory safety with mats that are: 

  • Easy to clean 
  • Impervious to moisture 
  • Available with drainage holes 
  • Can be made to any shape or size 
  • Chemical resistant 
  • Anti-microbial 
  • Anti-slip 
  • Clean room certified 

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AcroMat 100-CR Series Clean Room Anti-Fatigue Mats for Laboratories:

  • Clean room certified
  • Excellent anti-slip properties
  • 3-8 year life expectancy
  • Anti-microbial, non-allergenic
  • Latex & silicone free
  • Closed cell foam is impervious to liquids or fluids
  • Chemical resistant
  • Custom shapes and sizes available
  • 5/8″ thickness with beveled edges
  • Yellow safety border available

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What is our definition of custom?

Most people associate the word ‘custom’ with long lead times and higher prices. Some think custom means just choosing lengths and widths. AcroMat defines custom as any shape or size that you can ever imagine or need, standard square foot pricing, and lead times of only 1-2 weeks. So if you have a round work space, we can make a circular mat that fits all the way around. Table legs, machines, railings, etc can be easily worked around so your anti-fatigue mat suites your unique work space to a T. At AcroMat, we strive to design anti-fatigue mats that fit perfectly so all of your employees can leave work just as safe as they arrived.