600 AcroMat Essentials Conductive Diamond Foot Mat

$10.14 per square foot

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Anti-fatigue and ESD protection combined

The Conductive Diamond Foot mat is durable and long lasting, and helps to provide comfort while in areas with sensitive electronics. Give your feet and legs relief with its 9/16″ thick closed cell foam, and protective vinyl cover.

  • Conductive diamond surface removes static electricity from workers
  • Helps prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment and systems
  • Durable vinyl surface bonded to a resilient anti-fatigue closed-cell vinyl foam
  • RTT – 104 – 105 ohms. RTG – 104 – 105 ohms
  • Snap installed on all standard mats if requested
  • 9/16″ thick, black

Available in sizes up to 4′ wide and 75′ long