500 AcroMat Essentials Stat Soft Foot

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AcroMat Essentials Stat Soft Foot Anti-Fatigue Mat

Safely and securely negate electrostatic discharges with the Stat Soft Foot Anti-Fatigue Mat. Its electrical resistance makes this mat perfect for manufacturing use, and can be cut to size for a perfect fit. Furthermore, select an optional 15′ snap-on grounding cord for extra safety.

    • Ergonomic, and provides comfort and relief for aching feet and legs
    • RTT – 108 – 109 ohms. RTG – 108 – 109 ohms.
    • Can be easily cut to fit any work area
    • Grounding snap installed on all standard mats
    • 3/8″ thick

Available in sizes up to 4′ wide and 60′ long.