AcroMat Is More Than A Mat

As part of our commitment to safety, we’ve developed a set of tools and resources to help you keep your facility free of the hazards created by anti-fatigue mats. These downloads are free for you and your team to use and implement as part of your safety initiatives. You’re welcome, we’re glad to help.

Stay up to date with the latest products, news, events, and promotions from AcroMat. 

This tool is for sketching an area that needs a custom mat and submitting to us for a quote.

Use the mat inspection checklist as part of your weekly or monthly safety agenda. It can be used by the Safety Manager, department heads, or line employees to identify areas where mats could potentially need replacing or hazards removed.

Once you are using mats from AcroMat, you can request a lobby certificate to promote your commitment to safety to staff, management, customers and visitors. This is free of charge of course.

Request a site visit by one of our representatives to evaluate your facility, make recommendations, take measurements and provide free samples. We look forward to meeting you.

Looking for some content for your next safety meeting?  Invite us in for a presentation around best practices with anti-fatigue mats.  We’ll bring lunch for you and the team too! Click to learn more.

Keep your mats looking and functioning at 100% with our simple Cleaning and Care Guide. Because our mats are made out of Nitrile, cleaning and maintenance is fast and easy.