AcroMat Re-Brand: Why the Change and What's New

AcroMat Re-Brand: Why the Change and What's New

AcroMat has a re-branded! Why the change? We have updated and elevated our brand to better reflect who we are, where we are going, our values, and most importantly our team's commitment to elevating the health and safety of your people.

The following Q&A touches on what's new, shares more detail on why we've refreshed the AcroMat brand, and most importantly digs into what it all means for you

AcroMat re-brand reveal

Q: Why did we update the AcroMat brand?

At AcroMat, we have been manufacturing custom anti-fatigue mats for 15+ years. After exceptional growth in recent years, we felt it important to hone our brand to better reflect who we are, our values, and most importantly our commitment to serving you and your people in the way you deserve. This is reflected in our new AcroMat Promise.

The AcroMat Promise: Quality. Customization. Service.

Quality, customization and service are part of all we do. Our industrial-grade materials are designed to endure even the harshest environments, offering consistent performance and exceptional durability year after year (quality). Our mats are precision-cut specifically for your workspace (customization), providing a perfect fit that eliminates slip, trip and fall hazards, and ergonomic support that cushions every step. And, our dedicated team provides a seamless, personalized process from start to install (service).

This promise will be emblazoned across all we do, from the AcroMat website to our anti-fatigue mat warranty, as a steady reminder of what you deserve from your anti-fatigue mat solution provider, and also to hold our team accountable to you in these three critical areas. 

Q: What does the new AcroMat tagline mean?

We see the same issues all too often: standard rectangular sizes are causing more hazards than they are solving, and traditional mat materials are breaking down rapidly. These issues have led to AcroMat as we are today, a family-owned custom anti-fatigue mat manufacturer dedicated to creating new standards in quality and durability. Enter our new tagline:

The new AcroMat tagline: "Outperform. Outlast."

This statement has a number of meanings, but most importantly it speaks to what you should expect and demand from your anti-fatigue mat provider. As a safety or production leader, continuous improvement champion or manufacturing engineer, you need your team to outperform expectations and physically outlast the demands of the job.

Our mission is to empower your people to do exactly that with unparalleled anti-fatigue mat quality, boundless and precise customization, and personalized service.

Q: What's next?

Despite all the new around here, we are the same team committed to the same outcome: elevate the health and safety of your people. Our hope is the new AcroMat brand reflects our commitment to helping you achieve this through the level of quality and service you've come to expect and should always demand.

There are a number of additional, very exciting changes in store here at AcroMat. Stay tuned!


We are incredibly grateful for your partnership and the active role you've played in our company's growth. If you have any questions or want to learn more about what's new, please always be encouraged to reach out to me directly.

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