"The best anti-fatigue mats you can buy. We won't use anything else. The custom design option is a game changer."
Mark Holman, President, Surefitters

"These custom mats are the highest quality I have ever come across, and I would not consider any other option moving forward. From lead times, to quality, to longevity, AcroMat has the best product around. Beyond their high quality, the customer service is astounding."
Bianca Crowder, Safety Specialist, Classic Jerky Company

"My experience with AcroMat the was enlightening, to say the least. I wish there were more folks in the safety field with as much knowledge, patience, and people skills like General Manager Russell Herbert exhibited with our employees. These employees are sharp observers of human behavior, and Russell’s demeanor during our jaunt onto the floor and into their very personal work spaces was exceptionally well received. I was so happy to see how they wanted to share their input, and he remained totally focused and unflustered. Impressive on the product/service level, and even more so on the humanity level."
Brenda, Safety Director

Patrick Shoemaker, Manufacturing Engineer, Andersen Windows 

Lindsey Toro, EHS Manager, The Toro Company

"Just wanted to say how well your mats do for us from a 5S standpoint: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. Not only worker safety but also aesthetics!"
Adam Arnold, Senior EHS Manager, Daikin Applied

"AcroMat mats are the most highly rated by employees in terms of comfort. Once they gain a reputation in a plant, my clients will request them specifically."
–Mary Plehal, Ergonomist, Owner, OptimaEHS

"I have used AcroMat products throughout my organization and the operators have provided amazing feedback on the ergonomics. These products are soft and cushy, yet strong and durable. AcroMat offers great service and quality products. I highly recommend them for industrial applications or personal use."
–Kevin Johnson, Engineering Technologist, Renewal By Andersen

"Not only do the mats we ordered look brand new after having metal chips and coolant from our CNC machines sprayed on them, the customer service has been great. The mats are well worth the money and stand up to a lot."
Isaac, Safety

"Y'all I HATE anti-fatigue mats. They're slip/trip hazards, they slide around, and they curl up. They wear down and operators 'sink' into the mats which hurts their ankles. In an effort to make things better, I tried to get insoles for operators instead and get rid of the mats. Alas, the insoles didn't last, and I was back to where I started. Out of desperation I was Googling for anti-slip anti-fatigue mats, and I came upon AcroMat. Charged purely by the square foot, not for customization. A coating is available to make the mats adhere to the floor... I've had it down for a week and had to struggle to peel it up. But if I did need to reposition, just simple cleanup then stick it down again. A TWO-YEAR WARRANTY AGAINST EDGE-CURLING. WHAT?! They cut me a FREE sample mat (worth $800), and it was at our plant in three days. Operators cannot stop talking about how much better it is than other mats. Their customer service is absolutely top-notch and responsive. We're ordering mats for about 20 places, and I plan to replace all our existing mats with these as well. I cannot say enough positive things about these mats/this company!"
Amanda Eskew, Safety Specialist, Nokian Tyres