Anti-Fatigue Mat Warranty

The AcroMat 100-1, 100-Cleanroom, 100-ESD, and NitriTuf Diamond Series anti-fatigue mats are covered by a 2-year full replacement warranty, covering any defects in material and workmanship. The AcroMat 2-year full replacement warranty guarantees:
  • The edges of your mat will NOT curl.
  • The mat will NOT flatten or lose its ergonomic cushion.
  • The bonds along your mat will NOT come apart.

No ambiguity or easy outs. At AcroMat, we stand behind every mat we manufacture on your behalf, and we are accountable to the outcome. Ultimately, we want you to know with certainty your people are protected, and so is your budget.

Request a free sample to test the qualities with your team. Simply let us know the style(s) you'd like to try, and we'll get it in the works immediately (please include address in "Comment" box): 

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