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Grip-R Non-Slip Coating, 32oz

Grip-R Non-Slip Coating, 32oz


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Say goodbye to slide-related slip and fall risks with Grip-R non-slip coating. Formulated to keep your anti-fatigue mats in place, this eco-bio friendly solution ensures safety and stability. 

June 27, 2024: AcroMat acquires GripCoteX non-slip coating, rebrands to Grip-R; updated branding and packaging to follow by August 1, 2024.

Uses. Grip-R provides excellent slip resistance on nearly all types of flooring – including ceramic tiles, fiberglass, marble, granite, metal, carpets, tubber, vinyl and wood. Grip-R is painted or rolled onto the bottom of anti-fatigue mats, creating a firm bond between the floor and mat to eliminate the risk of injury from sliding mats.

No Residue. Grip-R dries to a smooth grey color that creates a flexible, somewhat tacky layer and adheres to any surface without moving or sliding. Unlike tapes, Grip-R does not leave a sticky residue or mar the floor.

Waterproof. Grip-R waterproofs the coated layer and prevents floor mats from hydroplaning on wet surfaces. It also resists attracting dust, food and other contaminates.

Application. The AcroMat team can apply Grip-R to any mat order, you can add to your custom mat(s) using AcroSketch, or you can purchase by the container. 

Packaging. Individual product orders come in 32 oz. containers; each 32 oz. jar provides non-slip backing for up to 70 sq. ft. of floor matting. 

Sustainability. Water-based, eco-bio friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, no odor or fumes. Grip-R is a certified Green product.

Warranty. AcroMat warranties that the surface treatment, cleaners and degreasers (as applicable) will perform as claimed when usage directions are carefully followed. View full details in Specs below. 

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