eBooks & Downloads

Actionable anti-fatigue mat resources to help you improve health, safety and comfort.

Here you’ll find our library of freely downloadable and printable content developed to help you tackle an assortment of anti-fatigue mat and ergonomic challenges.

Anti-Fatigue Mat Inspection Checklist

Carefully evaluate your mats and know exactly what to look for with our printable Mat Inspection Checklist. Simply write the name of the area, mark X's in each box you notice the listed issues, then add comments for further review and discussion.

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Site Survey & Mat Measurements

Have you measured your areas and need to sketch your custom mats? Use our printable Site Survey. Once you have your drawings, bring them to AcroSketch or email our team and we'll design for you. This video highlights the simple process on-site at Red Wing Shoe Co.

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6 Ways to Stop Your Ergo Mats from Sliding

1 in 5 safety and production leaders are dealing with sliding anti-fatigue mats – including the slip and fall risks that follow. In this eBook, find 6 proven ways to make sure your mats remain in place.

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5 Ways to Prevent Anti-Fatigue Mat Curling

Putting an end to curling anti-fatigue mat edges is an immediate way to reduce slips, trips and falls – the No. 1 preventable workplace injury. This eBook highlights 5 ways to stop your mats from curling.

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