Custom Mat Gallery

At AcroMat, custom means any shape, size, angles, cutouts, and features. If you can imagine it, we (or you) can design it with our custom mat builder AcroSketch.

  • Custom sizes
  • Custom angles
  • Custom shapes
  • Custom cutouts
  • Drainage holes available
  • Non-slip backing available
  • Built-in, flat cable covers available
  • Standard 30-degree bevels on all mats
  • 20-degree, ADA-compliant yellow borders available
  • Zero costs for customization; you pay only for the sq. ft. of material
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee on your first order
  • 2-year full replacement warranty
  • Up to 8-year life expectancy 

Questions? Need a hand designing the right custom mat? Curious how custom, one-piece mats can help you reduce absenteeism, prevent MSD injuries, eliminate safety hazards, and optimize productivity? Book a few minutes with our team!

AcroSketch: Before & After