Anti-Fatigue Mat 101

What are the benefits of anti-fatigue mats?

100% nitrile rubber foam anti-fatigue mats, the material we use to make our mats here at AcroMat, reduce foot, leg and lower back pain by as much as 50% compared to hard surfaces. They work by keeping your muscles engaged, promoting healthy blood flow, and helping your body share the load which reduces overexertion.

Pure nitrile anti-fatigue mats, which never lose their ergonomic cushion, also reduce impact injuries if there were to be a fall; hip impact by 50% and head impact by as much as 70%. 

Summary of nitrile anti-fatigue mat benefits:

  • Anti-fatigue mats decrease static positioning by consistently, though subtly, activating the muscles  reducing risks of locked limbs and stiffness.

  • Anti-fatigue mats prevent the same muscle tissues from being loaded, reducing the risk of overexertion in any one area. Stated more simply, they help your body "share the load."

  • Anti-fatigue mats prevent pooling of fluids in our lower limbs and encourage healthy blood flow to/from the heart, reducing the risk of painful varicose veins and similar issues.

  • Anti-fatigue mats decrease the buildup of metabolic waste, reducing risks of pain, discomfort and ultimately recordable MSD injuries. 

How long do your anti-fatigue mats last?

The AcroMat 100-1, 100-Cleanroom, and 100-ESD Series anti-fatigue mats have a life expectancy of 3-8 years assuming 24/7 use. The mats are made from closed cell, virgin, 100% nitrile rubber foam, which is renowned for its durability and the fact that it will not sink or lose its ergonomic cushion, ever. The life expectancy largely depends on the environment, use, and care. In 24/7 harsh manufacturing environments with liquids, oils and product accumulation, the life expectancy will be in the 3-8 year range. In retail environment, cleanrooms, even homes, the 100-Series will likely last years longer. Pure nitrile is incapable of absorbing liquids and chemicals, which extends the life of the mat significantly.

The AcroMat NitriTuf Diamond Series also has a life expectancy of 3-8 years. The anti-fatigue pad is made from a closed cell NBR rubber foam, which is bonded under the diamond tread surface. The borders are manufactured from 100% nitrile, which is highly durable in even the most intense manufacturing environments. Collectively, the materials we use and our exclusive design process allow us to guarantee the borders will never curl. In fact, AcroMat manufactures the only diamond-plate mat guaranteed not to curl.

For a closer look at our mat types, visit the Shop Mats tab or view our digital product catalog.

How are your mats different than all the others?

Almost every mat on the market is extruded using PVC foam or a PVC/nitrile blend. The key difference with AcroMat, our 100-Series mats are molded from a virgin, closed cell, 100% nitrile rubber foam that does not not include a component of PVC. This translates to a much higher quality, durability, comfort, complete imperviousness to liquids and chemicals, and our guarantee your mats will never sink, flatten or curl along the edges. 

Closer look at life expectancy by mat type: PVC foam, PVC/nitrile blends, and 100% nitrile rubber foam which we use to make our 100-1, 100-ESD and 100-Cleanroom Series mats. 

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Molding vs. Extruding
Extruding rubber is the easiest way to make foam mats and why so many suppliers sell extruded mats. However, to extrude rubber you have to add a percentage of PVC foam; PVC is not impervious to liquids or chemicals, and allows material to compress over time. Are your mats sinking, buckling or curling at the edges? It's likely they were extruded with PVC foam. 

At AcroMat, we manufacture our mats from molded, closed cell 100% nitrile rubber foam because of its durability, versatility, and because it serves so many industries’ needs. Pure nitrile does not include a PVC component, which enables our mats to endure without curling, flattening, or cracking in even the harshest environments. We have spent years developing this special rubber compound; it provides the maximum ergonomic benefit without being too soft, while also being durable enough to hold up in all environments for years at a time. 

Pure nitrile is 100% antimicrobial, which prevents any harboring of bacteria. It's also ESD safe and Class 5 Cleanroom Certified. 

When you combine our mat material with endless customization capabilities – which eliminates having to piece together standard rectangles – the result is cost savings, fewer MSD injuries, and the virtual elimination of slip, trip, and fall hazards.

100% closed cell, molded nitrile rubber foam; custom design with circular cutout, glove-like fit, naturally adheres to floor.

What anti-fatigue mat is best for your environment?

Custom 100-1 Series mat designed for a global aerospace manufacturer.

Do you need custom mats or standard mats?

Workstations come in all shapes and sizes. Your anti-fatigue mats should too. If you have a complex layout, piecing mats together to cover the work area would dramatically increase slip, trip and fall risks, while causing ergonomic injury risks from constant on/off stepping and inconsistent support. Conversely, a one-piece custom mat precisely designed to fit would eliminate any mat-related slip, trip and fall hazards while reducing impact injuries and cushioning every step. 

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to achieve two things: 

1. Reduce slip, trip and fall hazards
2. Provide ergonomic comfort support 

They shouldn't do one or the other, they should do both. Evaluate the workspace, watch your team members work and discuss needs with them, then get exactly what's needed to protect health, safety and productivity. If you're not sure whether standard sizes (e.g., 2x3, 3x5, 4x8, etc.) are ideal or if you need something more custom designed to fit, we are here to help. 

An example of a layout that previously tried to fill the workspace with standard rectangular mats, creating a host of slip, trip and fall hazards. The windows manufacturer eliminated the hazards with a single custom mat designed to fit.

In this workstation, at a Medtronic facility, custom wasn't a need. A standard 3 ft. by 5 ft. 100-1 Series mat with 20-degree yellow borders fulfilled the need. 

Do your anti-fatigue mats have a warranty? 

The AcroMat 100-1, 100-Cleanroom, 100-ESD, and NitriTuf Diamond Series mats are covered under a 2-year full replacement performance warranty. Our warranty is unique in that, unlike "lifetime limited warranties" or "manufacturer's warranties," we not only guarantee there will be no defects in material or workmanship, our warranty also protects you from the three most common issues people face with their anti-fatigue mats.

The AcroMat warranty guarantees:

  • The edges of your mat will NOT curl.
  • The mat will NOT sink, flatten or lose its ergonomic cushion.
  • The bonds along your mat will NOT split, weaken or come apart.

We stand behind every mat we manufacture on your behalf, and we strive to be 100% accountable to the outcome. With our straightforward, no-easy-outs warranty, you can trust that your people are protected and budget secure.

First-time customers are also eligible for our 60-day moneyback guarantee, which is a full refund if unhappy with the mat for any reason. We'll even pull the mats ourselves to save you time and lost production. 

If you have any issues with your mat, call our team at 877.250.2507 or email We will remedy the issue immediately.

Do you offer free samples? What happens when you request a sample?

Yes! We want you to buy with confidence and know the mat(s) you're considering will serve your team well. Simply let us know the mat type(s) you want to sample, along with any shape or size requirements, and we will quickly get a mat in the works. If needed, our customer service representative, Maggie, will follow up to verify size, shape and delivery address.

Our standard samples are 12 in. by 12 in. squares, which we send in an AcroMat Sample Box along with an AcroMat catalog, our specially made gummy bears, and your new favorite pen. However, we recognize 12 in. by 12 in. squares aren't always large enough to get a full trial in. This is one reason why we offer bigger samples if and when you need them, like a 2 ft. by 3 ft. mat, 3 ft. by 5 ft. mat. You may also need specific features, like yellow borders or drainage holes, which we will gladly accommodate.

The anti-fatigue mat sample process is about you finding the right mat for your team, not about our desire to book a sale. Please let us know what will give you the information you need to make the best decisions for your team, and we will gladly accommodate.

If you're looking to make a bigger change to your anti-fatigue mats and want a free full-sized custom mat you can put to the test, yet not sure the size and shape you need or how to measure and design your custom sample, we will gladly send a representative to visit your site (60 minutes in total), measure the area, design your mat, and ship it to your team, all for free.   

Request a sample here

5 key steps to make the most of your sample mat(s)

How thick should your anti-fatigue mat be?

Anti-fatigue mat thicknesses range from 3/8” to 1” and sometimes even thicker. At AcroMat, we recommend you get an anti-fatigue mat between 5/8” and 3/4” thick to maximize the cushion without negatively impacting your steps.

Anti-fatigue mats that are 1" or more create a sinking feeling under your feet and put added pressure on your ankles. This can also increase the risk of rolled ankles. Conversely, mats that are too thin lack ergonomic support and often provide same amount of cushion as hardwood.

According to a study, Influence of Flooring on Standing Fatigue, led by professors of ergonomics and bioengineering, Mark Redfern and Don Chaffin, anti-fatigue mats around 5/8″ thick mats provide the lowest (best) overall rating for tiredness – meaning standing workers report a 50% decrease in fatigue compared to the concrete floor when evaluated over time.

We asked two experienced ergonomists for additional insight:

“Mats that are too thick may seem to have subjectively more cushion. In reality, this creates postural instability and can cause the feet, ankles and upwards to the lower back to have to make constant micro-adjustments – similar to working in high heels. This can fatigue and discomfort over time.
–Mary Plehal, Ergonomist, Owner, OptimaEHS

Ergonomist Crystal Nelson and AcroMat General Manager Russell Herbert discuss the ideal anti-fatigue mat thickness. According to Crystal, between 5/8" and 3/4" is the ideal thickness for posture and traction. 

Just as important as the thickness is whether your mats will sink over time. Review the warranty, look closely at the technical specifications, and make sure they will not sink or flatten as you use them. One way you can tell if your mats are sinking is you'll see footprints around where you most often stand; a problem that impacts postural stability and traction. 

Put it to the Test: Get a Free AcroMat Sample Mat

Do you offer mat inspections and safety assessments?

We provide hundreds of site assessments every year. If you're having difficulty getting a handle on your anti-fatigue mat situation, or know you need a change but not sure where to begin, our team is readily available to visit your site and provide a comprehensive site assessment.

Our refined mat inspection process allows us to get in and out in 1-2 hours depending on facility size, and we will follow up with a detailed report you can use to make a long-term plan. 

If you need to inspect your mats but aren't ready to invite anyone in, visit our eBooks & Downloads page for the hazards you should be documenting along with our Mat Inspection Checklist which you can print and use to perform your own assessment.

eBooks & Downloads Learning Center

AcroMat Mat Inspection Checklist

Book a Site Visit

What is your lead time?

10 business days. Whether 5 standard mats or 500 custom mats, we will precision cut and ship your order within 10 business days. Many orders, like standard sizes and smaller quantities, ship in half this time. Safety doesn't wait; you shouldn't have to wait either. 

This mat order for a Fortune 500 luxury department store included 1.3 collective miles of material; precision cut, built and shipped within 10 business days. 

How much does it cost to customize?

We do not charge any customization fees. Whether a simple 2.5 ft. by 3.25 ft. anti-fatigue mat or a 1,000+ sq. ft. mat with custom cutouts and various angles, you only pay for the square footage of material. In fact, if you include a cutout, this actually reduces the price because you're reducing the amount of material.

As a custom anti-fatigue mat manufacturer, custom is our standard pricing. We believe custom should be as easy, fast, and cost efficient as standard, off-the-shelf matting. The safety and health of your people depend on it, and we have built our business around this approach.  

If custom isn't a need, standard sizes are available at slightly lower cost (2-4 ft. in width, up to 75 ft. in length). See the Shop Mats tab for a look at the available standard sizes.

Designed in minutes with AcroSketch, including built-in yellow stripes for safety; precision cut as a single piece, delivered within 10 business days, 5+ years of uninterrupted support. 

Are your mats NFSI Certified?

Yes. The AcroMat 100-1 Series, 100-Cleanroom Series, 100-ESD Series, and NitriTuf Diamond Series mats are National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) Certified for "High Traction." 

NFSI is an independent testing agency that uses an intricate testing system which helps manufacturers like AcroMat learn how our products help keep users safe from slips, trips, and falls. More importantly, wet-slip testing and certification helps you know with certainty you're investing in mats that will protect your people.

Our premium mats were tested according to NFSI's Transitional Coefficient of Friction (TCOF) scale, earning a score of 0.76, the very top end of NFSI's "high traction" category. According to NFSI, floor surfaces with a 0.6 TCOF or greater level of slip resistance when wet reduce slip-and-fall claims by 50-90%.

Learn more: The Safety Value of NFSI Certification

NFSI Certified “High-Traction” Products Database

The AcroMat 100-1, 100-ESD, 100-Cleanroom, and NitriTuf Diamond Series anti-fatigue mats are NFSI Certified for "high traction" in wet/oily environments.

How can you stop anti-fatigue mats from sliding?

We manufacturer our mats from premium rubber foam materials that naturally grip the floor in ways PVC foam and "box store" mats do not. Further, by custom designing your anti-fatigue mats to fit like a glove in a given area, they will have nowhere to slide and remain still.

You can also add our exclusive non-slip coating, Grip-R, to any mat purchase, which forms a firm bond between floor and the bottom surface of any floor mat, multiplying the coefficient of friction. Grip-R is eco-bio friendly, non-toxic, and can be purchased by the container or we can apply to your mats here in our facility. We manufacture Grip-R in-house, giving you unlimited and immediate access to the best non-slip coating available on the market.

If sliding anti-fatigue mats is a problem you're dealing with, and causing slip, trip and fall hazards, we have a solution that can help. 

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Pure nitrile combined with a custom design creating a glove-like fit; this custom 100-Cleanroom Series mat has no room to slide. 

How do you make your custom mats?

We manufacture our custom mats by precision cutting and fusing together molded sheets of material into precise shapes and sizes. The bonding adhesive we use is stronger than the mat materials themselves, and as a result guaranteed (and warrantied) to never weaken, split or come apart.

Anti-fatigue mats larger than 6 ft. by 4 ft. will have slightly visible seams where the collective mat is fused together, as shown below. While seams may be slightly visible, especially on larger custom mats, the end result is a single mat that will never come apart no matter how much the mat ages over time from 24/7 use or exposure to liquids, chemicals and harsh products.

At AcroMat, we primarily partner with manufacturing, food processing, and retail companies looking for the highest performing anti-fatigue mats on the market. The banner near the bottom of our website homepage offers a glimpse of the leading brands that trust AcroMat for their anti-fatigue mat needs. Because health and safety is most important to our partners, our No. 1 focus is manufacturing mats that perform for years at a time without interruption.

Because of the comfort and durability of our premium anti-fatigue mats, we receive a high number of kitchen and home office purchases. If you're investing in a mat where aesthetic is the most important trait, please keep in mind there will be slightly visible seams on custom mats that fall outside of the 6 ft. by 4. ft. range. Because bonded seams are unrelated to performance, they are not covered under our 60-day moneyback guarantee. Bonded seams are, however, fully covered under our 2-year full-replacement performance warranty. They will never weaken, split or come apart.

Custom 100-1 Series showing slightly visible bonded seams where the collective mat was fused together. The seams will never split, weaken or come apart. Guaranteed

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What is the biggest mat you can make? Is there a limit on dimensions?

Any shape. Any size. No limit. We've designed mats well over 2,000 sq. ft. If it will help you elevate health and safety, we can design and build it. The mat below was designed with our custom mat building tool, AcroSketch, which is freely available to use here on our website. 

Custom 100-1 Series, covering over 1,200 sq. ft. of floor space.

What if you need help designing your custom mat?

We are available 8:00-5:00pm CST, Monday-Friday and only a call away to help you design the custom mat you need. If you have dimensions or a floor plan, we can whip up the design for you in minutes. If you would like a hand with getting to know our custom mat building tool, AcroSketch, we are happy to jump on a video call or provide a brief tutorial. 

If you have a larger custom mat project, our Senior Mat Engineer is readily available to visit your site, inspect and measure each area, design your mats, and package it all into a clearly defined quote for you to review. Whatever your need, we are available to help make sure custom remains easy and fast. 

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How well do your mats hold up to oils/coolant?

The AcroMat 100-Series mats are manufactured from pure nitrile which is literally incapable of absorbing any liquids, including oil, chemicals, coolants, and water. Even if your 100-Series mat rips or tears, there is zero risk of liquids absorbing into the material. Drainage holes can be custom added to any mat using AcroSketch to assist in extremely wet/oily conditions. The AcroMat NitriTuf Diamond Series mat, while chemical resistant, is not entirely impervious and best used in dry/dusty environments. Review the product pages for more detailed information.

Before: PVC foam anti-fatigue mats breaking down from products, easily sliding around. After: 100% nitrile rubber foam mat unaffected by oils and chemicals.

What does shipping cost?

Free priority shipping on all orders of $100 or more. Orders less than $100 ship for a flat $15 fee. We ship to Canada and cover international costs for a flat $50 fee, with the same 10-day lead time. We also ship to Mexico. If you reside in Mexico, we will build and package your mat to be ready for shipping; coordinating shipping will then fall to the purchaser.

How heavy are your mats?

While exceptionally durable in even the harshest environments, nitrile anti-fatigue mats are also light and easy to pick up and move for cleanings. Pure nitrile weighs approximately 0.5 lbs. per sq. ft. As an example, a 2 ft. by 3 ft. mat weighs roughly 3 lbs., while a 4 ft. by 8 ft. mat would weigh 16 lbs. 

Can you clean your mats? 

Cleaning is 100% encouraged and can add up to a year of additional life to AcroMat mats. When cleaning, we recommend washing and drying fully before returning to the workspace.

The 100-1 Series, 100-ESD Series and 100-Cleanroom Series mats are made from closed cell, virgin, 100% nitrile rubber foam which can be scrubbed, broomed, wiped, mopped or even pressure washed without fear of the material breaking down. Industrial strength cleaners like ammonia, bleach, warm soapy water, and disinfectants work well and will not absorb into or break down the material. Pure nitrile is unique in that – unlike PVC foam mats or even PVC/nitrile blends (the most common material on the market today) – it’s completely impervious to liquids and chemicals (waterproof test video). Microfiber rags and mopheads are encouraged to prevent lint or material being left behind on the mat. 

The NitriTuf Diamond Series mat is made from a closed cell NBR rubber foam. While closed cell and thus chemical resistant, and extremely durable in heavy industrial environments, we recommend brushing, brooming, mopping and/or wiping the diamond tread surface rather than soaking it with liquids for long periods. Gentle cleaners are encouraged. The NitriTuf Diamond Series is ideal for dry/dusty environments, and we encourage the same goes for the cleaning process with this mat.

Similarly, the X60 Series can be brushed, broomed, mopped and/or wiped to clean the top and bottom surfaces.

Vacuuming works on all mat surfaces. However, it's important to be gentle around the edges and along the surfaces, and to make sure no sharp objects from the vacuum pierce the material. Hand-held hoses or portable vacuums are ideal.  

How long do quote requests take?

We provide quotes the same day requests are received, whether standard mats or custom shapes and sizes. All we need from you are dimensions and any specific features. If you need uniquely shaped custom mats, we also offer site visits to carefully inspect, measure your workspaces, and design the custom mats you need.

Once we nail down measurements and overall need, we will package the entire process into a clearly defined quote, within 24 hours, for your team to review. 

Request a quote.

Book a virtual meeting or site visit.

Do you have distributors?

AcroMat is a family-owned, business-to-business, anti-fatigue mat manufacturing company. As such, we manufacture and sell directly to the end-user. We precision cut and ship every order from our business office and production facility here in Lakeville, Minnesota, just south of the Minneapolis Metro. Partnering directly with the end-user allows us to create a seamless process from start to install. 

We also have a number of trusted dealers. Visit our Trusted Dealers page to see a list of distributors. We have twice as many distributors as those who are listed; shoot us a quick message to find out if your vendor is on the list. 

Should I rent or buy mats?

Renting costs exponentially more over time. Rental mats tend to be lower quality and may not fit your needs. If you damage the mat, you are bound to a contract and will likely end up paying full price on the mat. Further, rentals only come in standard sizes (e.g., 2 ft. by 3 ft.) which may not fit your unique layout.

When purchasing a mat you know the price upfront and are not bound to a contract. With AcroMat, we  design and precision cut your mat to the shape/size needed to fit space perfectly. The quality of material and design translates to a one-time investment followed by 5+ years of uninterrupted support. 

Are mats better than insoles?

Insoles need to be replaced every ~6 months. They leave with an employee when there is turnover. You need to order specific sizes for each employee. Conversely, AcroMat anti-fatigue mats can be designed, installed, and laid out in the production facility for upwards of 8 years. They remain intact through turnover, 24-hour daily use, can be cleaned without breaking down, and provide a consistent non-slip surface and ergonomic cushion that never flattens.

In a recent webinar focused on the performance of nitrile anti-fatigue mats, Dr. Andrew Laing and his research team found "moderate" evidence that anti-fatigue mats help reduce pain, especially for the 30-50% of people worldwide who are prone to discomfort when standing.

Comparatively, his team found “very limited” evidence insoles do the same, saying the jury is still out on the effectiveness of insoles. Dr. Andrew noted how “impacting the geometry of the shoe” – e.g., raising the foot too from from the shoe with an insole – may increase the risk of slips, trips and falls because you’re less in control of your balance.

While we are partial to custom anti-fatigue mats, there are times when insoles may be a better fit. The right solution ultimately comes down to the type of environment you have, how far employees move throughout their shifts, and their overall comfort needs. 

Do you install the mats?

AcroMat anti-fatigue mats are designed and delivered in one piece. To install, simply unbox, unroll, and place in the appropriate workspace. If you've ordered a large custom mat that wraps around machinery, thus needing to be bonded onsite once installed, we provide the tools and materials needed to perform this work.

If you need a hand, we happily offer installation for a small fee.

What happens if we damage it? Can it be repaired?

AcroMat is the only mat manufacturer in the world to offer anti-fatigue mat repair, extensions, and full restoration. As the photo below shows, the AcroMat 100-Series mats can be repaired, re-purposed, and extended if work layouts change. If someone damages a mat by dropping sharp equipment, we offer a Repair Kit that allows you to restore the mat in minutes. The Repair Kit includes the same industrial strength adhesive we use to make our mats, which guarantees the bonds will never come apart.

If your mat needs a major repair or extension, you can simply ship your mat back to our facility, pay only for the additional mat materials, and we will ship your mat back free of charge. Get in touch today to learn more or to initiate a repair, extension, or addition.  

Showing a recent anti-fatigue mat repair and extension after a layout change; adding a custom extension prevented the need to by new years before they needed to. 

Do you offer different colors?

The AcroMat 100-1 Series can be manufactured in black, grey, orange, and yellow colors. Black can be made with either a textured or smooth surface. To select color variations, made to any shape and size and with or without drainage holes, design your mat with AcroSketch. Questions? We're here to help! 

Showing the grey, yellow and orange colors available for the 100-1 Series mat, in addition to our standard black.

What is the AcroMat Promise?

The AcroMat Promise: Quality. Customization. Service. These three commitments are critical components of all that we do here at AcroMat. 

1. Quality. You shouldn't have to worry about replacing your mats every few months, or every few years. Our industrial-grade mat materials are designed to endure even the harshest environments, offering consistent performance and exceptional durability year after year.

2. Customization. Workstations come in all shapes and sizes. Your mats should too. Our mats are precision-cut specifically for your workspace, providing a perfect fit that eliminates slip, trip and fall hazards, and ergonomic support that cushions every step. We can design and make whatever size, shape, dimension and features you need to protect your people.  

3. Service. We’re not an online mat supplier with chatbots and auto-replies. At AcroMat, we are a team of people passionate about improving the health, safety and productivity of your people. To help you achieve this, we are always available to help with any need, at any time – providing a seamless and personalized experience from start to install.

The AcroMat Promise is emblazoned across all we do – from encouraging you to test free, full-sized sample mats before making major investments to our no easy-outs, full-replacement warranty – as a steady reminder of what you deserve from your anti-fatigue mat solution provider. And, to hold our team accountable in each of the above areas.

Are your mats made in the U.S.?

While we source some materials from abroad, we precision cut, shape, and bond all of our anti-fatigue mats here in the U.S., directly from our our production facility just south of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

NitriTuf Diamond Series designed, precision cut, bonded and packaged from our production facility just south of the Minneapolis Metro. 

Questions about any of the information above, or have questions that aren't answered here? Give us a call any time at 877.250.2507 or email Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00pm CST, we are always on the other end of the line. If after hours, we'll respond early the next business day.