AcroMat Acquires GripCoteX Non-Slip Backing

AcroMat Acquires GripCoteX Non-Slip Backing

AcroMat, a custom anti-fatigue mat manufacturer headquartered in the Minneapolis Metro, has acquired anti-fatigue mat non-slip coating, GripCoteX, from LiquiGuard Technologies, Inc. and is now the exclusive manufacturer – re-branding the product line to Grip-R Non-Slip Coating.   

Grip-R is a water-based, eco-bio friendly non-slip coating precisely formulated to ensure anti-fatigue, ergo and most types of floor mats remain in place – eliminating slip, trip and fall risks from mats that constantly slide around.  

"Our clients have relied on the non-slip benefits of GripCoteX for many years; when the opportunity arose, we were thrilled to acquire the product line. Now as the exclusive manufacturer of Grip-R, making it here in our production facility, we can ensure our clients have unlimited access to the best non-slip backing for their mats, exactly when they need it.” 
Russell Herbert, AcroMat Founder, General Manager 

The AcroMat team is currently setting up production and will begin producing and shipping Grip-R on August 1, 2024.

One in five safety and production leaders are dealing with anti-fatigue mats that slide around – a clear and preventable slip, trip and fall hazard. The average slip, trip and fall injury claim is $50,000 per injury, including 12 missed days of work.

Grip-R is painted or rolled onto the bottom of anti-fatigue mats, creating a firm bond between the floor and mat to eliminate the risk of injury from sliding mats. Combined with the natural grip of 100% nitrile rubber foam and premium NBR rubber foam – the materials used to manufacture AcroMat mats – and the glove-like fit created by mats custom designed to fit, the collective outcome is improved health, safety and productivity for standing workers.  

Grip-R is painted or rolled onto the bottom of anti-fatigue mats, multiplying the coefficient of friction between smooth floors and bottom surface of the mat.

Grip-R replaces double-sided tapes with a more effective and longer-lasting solution. Unlike tapes, Grip-R does not leave a sticky residue or transfer to the substrate. 

The AcroMat team is currently setting up production and will begin producing Grip-R on August 1, 2024. Grip-R can be applied to the bottom of your AcroMat anti-fatigue mats as part of any order, or you can order the product by the container and apply (and re-apply) as needed. While not yet ready for shipping, the AcroMat team is accepting orders and will ship the product as soon as production begins in August. 

Visit the Grip-R product page to learn more.

About AcroMat: 
At AcroMat, quality, customization and service are our promise, and a part of all that we do. Our industrial-grade materials are designed to endure even the harshest environments, offering consistent performance and exceptional durability year after year. Our mats are precision-cut specifically for your workspace, providing a perfect fit that eliminates slip, trip and fall hazards, and ergonomic support that cushions every step. And our dedicated team provides a seamless, personalized process from start to install. 

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