The Value of National Floor Safety Institute Certification

The Value of National Floor Safety Institute Certification

AcroMat anti-fatigue mats are officially National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) Certified for "High Traction." What does NFSI Certification mean to you?

Here are 5 ways NFSI certified anti-fatigue mats can elevate health, safety, and your bottom line:

1. NFSI Certification helps you make informed decisions
NFSI is the leading independent testing agency for anti-fatigue product testing, certification, and standard development. They use an intricate testing system that helps manufacturers like AcroMat learn how our products actually help keep users safe from slips, trips, and falls.

More importantly, the test results provide you with the insight you need to make confident buying decisions. Specifically, the NFSI testing system provides mats with a Transitional Coefficient of Friction (TCOF) rating:

  • Lower than 0.4 – Low traction / higher probability of slipping
  • Between 0.4 and 0.6 Moderate traction / average probability of slipping
  • Greater than 0.6 High traction / low probability of slipping

According to the NFSI, mats in the "low traction" category are more prone to movement, which can increase the risk of sliding, buckling, and curling. Mats in the "high-traction" category – 0.6 or greater – have proven to reduce slips, trips, and falls.

The AcroMat 100-1, 100-ESD, 100-Cleanroom, and NitriTuf Diamond Series anti-fatigue mats graded at top end of the "high traction" (0.6+) category.

Independently tested, AcroMat's premium anti-fatigue mats are officially NFSI certified for high traction.

2. NFSI Certification provides transparency
NFSI has a comprehensive public database of every anti-fatigue mat and flooring product that have earned "high traction" certification. If the ergo mats you're considering are certified, you will find them in the NFSI database.

View Database: NFSI Certified Anti-Fatigue Mats

As an example of the importance, a large aerospace manufacturing client of ours doesn’t allow safety and production leaders to invest in anti-fatigue mats that aren’t “high traction” certified and publicly represented in this database.

If the mats you’re considering aren’t in here, it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t top quality. It may just mean they haven’t been submitted for testing. In such instances, we recommend asking your provider directly. It's important to leave no stone unturned when gearing up for an investment in matting.

NFSI "High Traction" Certified NitriTuf Diamond Series anti-fatigue mat for national windows and doors manufacturer; custom cutout for lift table, built-in cable cover, and exclusive design guaranteed to never curl. 

3. NFSI Certification gives you control
Mat providers can fill product pages with whatever they want. Truthfully, we're all biased. We all think our anti-fatigue mats are the best on the market. By offering up mats for testing, anti-fatigue mat providers put the outcome of their mats in the hands of a third party. 

Independent testing from a third party provides critical objectivity. It also gives you more control over the decision-making process. Instead of purely making decisions based on biased product pages, certification ensures official and independent testing results.

Note from Russell Kendzior, President, National Floor Safety Institute:
“Congratulations! The AcroMat 100-1 Series, 100-ESD Series, 100-Cleanroom Series, and NitriTuf Diamond Series anti-fatigue mats were tested per the NFSI 101-C Test Method for Measuring Dry Transitional Coefficient of Friction (TCOF) of Floor Mat Backing Materials on November 13, 2023, and passed the standards ‘High-Traction’ requirement. Your NFSI Product Certifications are good through November 15, 2026.”

4. NFSI Certification helps you build the business case
If you've found the right mat but are having trouble getting approval, which will resonate more with your leadership team?

  • "We think the mat will provide slip resistance in our oily environment."
  • "The mat is NFSI Certified for 'high traction' in wet/oily environments."

NFSI "High Traction" Certified 100-1 Series anti-fatigue mat for Nokian Tyres; textured surface (top and bottom) to provide traction, 100% nitrile impervious to liquids and chemicals, and custom design that creates glove-like fit.

5. NFSI Certification protects your budget
Safety is about sending your people home from work as safe and healthy as when they arrived. It's also about protecting your bottom line. According to NFSI, floor surfaces with a 0.6 TCOF or greater level of slip resistance when wet reduce slip-and-fall claims by 50-90%.

As noted previously, the AcroMat 100-Series and NitriTuf Diamond Series anti-fatigue mats graded at top end of the "high traction" (>0.6) category.

Main Takeaway
NFSI certified anti-fatigue mats shouldn't be the sole decider when considering ergo mats. However, understanding what certification represents can help you make more informed decisions  both for your people and your bottom line.

Testing and certification provides an added layer of confidence, knowing you're making an investment that has proven to perform before you spend a single dollar. 


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