1.3 Miles of Custom Mats Designed in 10 Days for Fortune 500 Retailer

1.3 Miles of Custom Mats Designed in 10 Days for Fortune 500 Retailer

Challenge & Solution
A Fortune 500 luxury retail department store chain was fed up with ambiguous and constantly changing lead times from their previous anti-fatigue mat provider. Safety and productivity were impacted, as lead time promises fell through and safety leaders couldn't rely on getting what they needed when it was needed.

The durability of their previous ergo mats was also poor, leading to re-purchases long before the promoted mat life expectancies were reached. As a result, the budget was stretched thin and distribution center workers were growing frustrated. 

The Fortune 500 came across AcroMat's 10-day turnaround, 2-year full replacement warranty, and 8+ year mat lifespan in retail environments.

AcroMat Lead Time Guarantee:
“Whether 5 standard mats or 500 custom mats, we will precision cut and ship your order within 10 business days. Every order over $100 ships free.”

The Fortune 500 moved forward with an order that included:

  • 11,300 sq. ft of anti-fatigue mats
  • 1.3 miles of ADA-compliant yellow border
  • Over 7,000 pounds of matting
  • Custom sizes and shapes to fit unique work areas
  • 100% nitrile rubber: guaranteed not to curl or flatten

11,300 sq. ft. of 100% nitrile mats with ADA-compliant yellow borders on all sides to reduce trip hazards and highlight entry points.

The AcroMat production team precision cut, to the inch, and shipped several hundred anti-fatigue mats within 10 business days. The custom shapes and sizes ensure unique layouts are fully covered with non-slip, proven ergonomic support – no longer any exposed cement, pieced together mats that were too small, or inconsistent surfaces and borders (trip hazards).

With large distribution centers and unique layouts, the Fortune 500 needed several hundred "runners" that varied in width and length – from 3 ft. to 6 ft. wide and up to 75 ft. in length.  

Musculoskeletal Health
The premium mats are providing the Fortune 500's people with indefinite ergonomic support, reducing ergonomic injury risks for workers who stand long hours. The mats are made from 100% nitrile, which does not compress or lose its ergonomic cushion over time.

Precise Lead Time
The AcroMat lead time guarantee ensured the company received exactly what they needed to elevate health and safety, exactly when they needed it.

Cost Savings
The high durability has allowed the company to go from spending thousands of dollars every year to not having to spend on mats again for ~8 years.  


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