A New Standard in Comfort and Durability

“Workstations come in all shapes and sizes. Your anti-fatigue mats should too.”

AcroMat General Manager, Russell Herbert, had this vision for AcroMat in 2006 after seeing the same issues facility after facility: standard rectangular mats were being pieced together to cover complex layouts – causing slip, trip and ergonomic hazards – while conventional materials were quickly curling, flattening and eroding.

This vision led to AcroMat as we are today, a custom mat manufacturer dedicated to creating a new standard in comfort, durability and performance.

Before-after, Andersen Windows.

Custom Made Easy

Unlike traditional anti-fatigue mats, which limit you to strict lengths and widths, at AcroMat we precision cut our mats specifically to fit your work areas. This might be a simple 2.5 ft. by 3.5 ft. rectangle, or a complex 2,000+ sq. ft. mat with various angles, curves and cutouts.

The ultimate goal is making sure you get exactly what you need to eliminate slip, trip and fall hazards while protecting the ergonomic health of your people.

Woodward, Inc. 

Daikin Applied. 

"Custom" sounds helpful, but also time consuming and complicated. Not anymore. With our proprietary custom mat building tool, AcroSketch, the only tool of its kind, we (or you) can design custom mats to any shape, size and features in minutes – making custom as simple and fast as standard, off-the-shelf matting.

Part of our commitment to custom made easy is being available to lead the custom measurement and design process when you need a hand. Our senior mat engineer is readily available to visit your facility, measure and design your custom mats, and package it all into a clearly defined quote for you to review.

Custom made easy with AcroSketch, Boston Scientific:

You can also select mats from 2-4 ft. in width and up to 75 ft. in length with a few clicks on our standard-sizing pages. Whether 5 custom mats or 500 standard mats, we will precision cut and ship your order within 10 business days. 

Quality for Every Environment

While shape is critical, it's only one piece of the puzzle. We manufacture our mats from closed cell, 100% nitrile rubber foam which is designed to endure even the harshest environments. Carefully crafted materials combined with our exclusive design process, honed over 15+ years, have allowed us to guarantee (and warranty) your mats will never curl, come apart or lose their ergonomic cushion – elevating comfort while reducing recordable trip and fall injuries. 

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Partnership Promise: Customization, Quality and Service

At the heart of all we do is customer care and support. We’re not an online mat supplier with chatbots and auto-replies, or looking for a quick sale. At AcroMat, we are a family-owned manufacturer and team passionate about improving the health and safety of your people. 

Questions? Unsure where to begin? Let's walk through it all together.

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