About AcroMat

Safety isn't one-size-fits-all. Your anti-fatigue mats shouldn't have to be either.

No other manufacturer in the world gives you the ability to create fully customized anti-fatigue mats – any size, shape, and dimension. Why custom? To eliminate the slip, trip, and fall hazards caused by piecing together rectangular mats, with durability and ergonomic support that ensures your employees go home from work as healthy as when they arrived.

Custom can be easy: With our online mat builder, AcroSketch, we (or you) can design the mat you need in minutes with zero customization costs. We precision cut every mat to the inch and, whether 5 mats or 500, ship your order within 10 business days.

Mats for every environment: Unmatched durability, from retail to the most intense manufacturing environments: Class 5 Cleanroom Certified, NFSI Certified, impervious to liquids, chemical-resistant, ESD safe, antimicrobial, and more. Explore our premium mats for a complete look at the range of styles and capabilities.

Health and safety: Carefully crafted materials combined with an exclusive design process has allowed us to guarantee your mats will not curl or lose their ergonomic cushion, ever – elevating the musculoskeletal health of your employees and reducing slip, trip, and fall risks.

Protect your budget: Safety and ergonomic support for ~8 years, 2-year full replacement warranty, 60-day money back guarantee. We want to stand behind every mat we make on your behalf; no caveats, false promises, or easy-outs.

Not another anti-fatigue mat supplier: We’re not an online mat supplier with chatbots and auto-replies. AcroMat is family-owned manufacturing company and team of people who are passionate about improving the health, safety, and productivity of your people. We’ve spent 15 years perfecting our mats and the custom process to make sure they do exactly that.

Questions? Unsure where to begin? In need of a mat inspection or safety assessment? 

Let’s walk through it all together!

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