TruStile Doors Overcomes Injury with Custom Anti-Fatigue Mats

TruStile Doors Overcomes Injury with Custom Anti-Fatigue Mats

An employee at TruStile Doors, Marvin brand, suffered a rolled ankle when he tripped over two disconnected anti-fatigue mats that were laid next to each other. The operator needed medical treatment and physical therapy, while the company lost money, time and critical production.

Individual roll mats being cut and laid next to each other led to trip hazards and an ankle injury that took an operator away from work for several weeks. 

In response, EHS Manager Andy Grunhovd and his team permanently eliminated mat-related slip, trip and fall hazards throughout the facility by partnering with AcroMat to design one-piece custom mats that would fit precisely within each workstation.

Custom 100-1 Series designed to replace the disconnected mats above.

Below, Andy shares three reasons why his team made the change from ill-fitting and disconnected roll mats to custom anti-fatigue mats.


  • Permanently eliminated mat-related slip, trip, and fall risks
  • Eliminated edge standing and constant on/off stepping
  • One-piece custom mats designed for each workstation
  • Moved from buying mats every 6 months to once every 5+ years
  • 100% nitrile provides indefinite ergonomic comfort; soft to medium/soft durometer rating
  • 100% nitrile softens joint impact, engages and warms muscles
  • Overall cost of project less than cost to treat injury

1. Injury prevention
Previously, TruStile operators were hand-cutting long rolls of mat into individual pieces then laying them throughout each workstation. This was "easy," according to Andy, but led to trip hazards, constant on/off stepping, mats sliding around, ergonomic issues, and an ankle injury. An operator tripped moving from one mat that was too small to another.

The one-piece custom anti-fatigue mat designs, specifically measured and designed to fit the complex layout of each workstation, eliminated gaps in coverage, edge standing, and the need for operators to constantly step between individual anti-fatigue mats.

Before: Disconnected pieces, constant on/off stepping, and edge standing created trip hazards and productivity issues; mats were flat and uncomfortable. After: One-piece custom mat fits area perfectly, eliminating each hazard.

2. Ergonomic support
The TruStile team’s previous mats were "going flat in 6 months." Beyond having to buy new mats, which stretched the budget and created trip hazards, workers were uncomfortable. They were, in effect, standing on hard concrete and increasing both fatigue and MSD injury risks.

Before: Mats were going flat in ~6 months. After: Pure nitrile never flattens; overall, 100% nitrile mats last up to 8 years, saving thousands of dollars in re-purchasing costs.

The previous mats were made from PVC foam and PVC-nitrile blends. The custom 100-1 Series AcroMat mats are made from 100% nitrile which doesn't compress or flatten, ever. With a durometer rating of soft to medium-soft, employees now have uninterrupted comfort.

"The new mats have been a real win for our feet and backs," shared one operator.

"It’s like standing on a cloud," shared another operator.

3. Durability and cost savings
TruStile Doors manufactures custom doors. If you can imagine it, they can design and build it. However, the environment is harsh and filled with:

  • Sawdust and woodchips
  • Metal shavings
  • Fiberglass
  • Finishes
  • Glues

Andy and the TruStile team tried modular tiles, but they didn't hold up in the environment. They tried cutting rolls of mat, but this led to injury. They tried PVC foam blends for ergonomic comfort, but the mats were going flat in 6 months.

Pure nitrile last 5+ years with no fear of buckling, curling, flattening or eroding because it’s impervious to liquids, chemicals and particles. As part of the AcroMat 2-year full replacement warranty, the mats are actually guaranteed not to flatten, curl, or come apart at the seams.

Still skeptical, understandably, Andy and his team connected with their partnering brand, Marvin, which also uses the AcroMat 100-1 Series mats. They shared that their mats were still in use and intact after 5+ years. After a free trial mat and after connecting with a Marvin facility, TruStile Doors confidently moved forward with AcroMat.

100% nitrile is designed for even the harshest of manufacturing environments. According to TruStile Doors partnering brand, Marvin, their mats were fully intact after 5+ years of use.  

From eliminating mat-related slip, trip and fall hazards to indefinite ergonomic support, and from improved durability to cost savings from not having to buy mats every 6 months, the new mats have been a “win” not just for employees but the company as a whole. 


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