AcroSketch – Giving You the Tools to Create a Custom Mat with Ease

AcroSketch – Giving You the Tools to Create a Custom Mat with Ease

The only tool of its kind, AcroSketch gives you the ability to create an anti-fatigue mat of any shape, size, angles, cutouts, and features in minutes.

Custom Made Simple
We developed AcroSketch to make custom as easy, fast, propulsive, and cost-efficient and standard, off-the-shelf ergo mats. We also developed AcroSketch for transparency. As soon as you're done building your mat, instant pricing will appear; charged purely by the square footage of material, there are no added costs for customization.

We hand-craft every mat within our production facility, and we guarantee to ship your order within 10 business days – whether 5 standard mats or 50 custom designs. 

No Limitations
This tool has no limitations. Rather than entering dimensions like with the square or rectangle tool, your mouse essentially turns into a pen, and you’re set to draw. Instead of the border being applied to all sides like with the square or rectangle tool, you have can place them wherever you’d like. No matter what tool you are using, you will see your quote build as the mat is created.

Measure, design, install. That's it. 

Save Time
A big inspiration behind AcroSketch is the time factor. We wanted to take away the time-consuming steps of creating a custom anti-fatigue mat. Rather than having to wait on us to get back to you with a quote, AcroSketch provides one instantly and adds it to your cart. If any edits need to be made to your creation, you can make edits from your cart on your own time. After multiple run throughs, we found that the whole process can be done in under two minutes. Being that AcroSketch doesn’t abide by business hours, your mat can be created and ordered anytime.

Giving You Control
We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers throughout the creation process in efforts to make AcroSketch as user friendly as possible. Although the configurator has many functionalities, everything is easy to find and easy to use but if any confusion comes about, we provide detailed written and video instructions.

AcroSketch is the tool you need to create your dream mat. The whole process is simple and within 10 business days, your custom creation will ship.

See AcroSketch in action, from design to on-site after photos: 

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