Red Wing Shoe Creates Anti-Fatigue Mat Standard

Red Wing Shoe Creates Anti-Fatigue Mat Standard


"I was sick of having random anti-fatigue mats spread throughout the place," says EHS Specialist Jolene Moldenhauer. "I wanted 1-2 consistent styles that we knew would work."

As EHS Specialist over the company's manufacturing plant in Red Wing, Minnesota, Jolene is tasked with elevating health and safety on behalf of her team. She saw an opportunity to transform both by "standardizing" their approach to anti-fatigue mats. 

Specifically, Jolene set out to unite the facility's approach under a single strategic plan; one that would reduce injury risks, eliminate confusion from the buying process, and give everyone peace of mind for the long term.  


Creating an Anti-Fatigue Mat Standard
After trialing multiple sample mats and gathering feedback from her team, Jolene worked closely with AcroMat to bring the high number of "random" mats down to two specific styles she knew with certainty would perform. 

The two styles are the AcroMat 100-1 Series and NitriTuf Diamond Series, both with ADA-compliant yellow borders.

Jolene and AcroMat then created and instituted a Standard Work Instruction (SWI); a formal, easily communicated and sharable document that gave employees across the facility a roadmap to follow when new mats were need – saving time, eliminating confusion, and reducing overall costs.

Reducing the number of mats from 10+ down to two has also led to: 

  • Consistent traction
  • Consistent comfort
  • Consistent surfaces
  • Consistent materials
  • Consistent warranties
  • Consistent performance
  • Improved health and safety

Before: Red Wing Shoe Co. had an array of "random" anti-fatigue mats spread throughout the facility, creating slip, trip, fall and ergonomic hazards. 

After. Red Wing Shoe Co. reduced the number of mats in use from 10+ down to a select two, in turn reducing costs and confusion and elevating safety facility-wide.

50% Reduction in Pain & Fatigue
Standing for long hours without relief, especially on harsh surfaces like concrete, causes blood to pool in the legs and feet. This can progress to chronic and painful varicose veins and inflammation. It also causes joints in the lower back, hips, knees, and feet to stiffen and lock up.

Anti-fatigue mats work by promoting subtle foot movements, which helps the lower leg muscles contract/expand to improve circulation.

Pure nitrile and premium NBR rubber foam, the materials used to manufacture Red Wing Shoe Co.'s anti-fatigue mats, are unique in that they never flatten. With a soft/medium-soft durometer rating, the materials have:

  • Reduced pain and discomfort by 50% compared to hard surfaces
  • Reduced impact injury risks by 70% compared to hard surfaces.

"AcroMat is the Cadillac of anti-fatigue mats."
–Machine Operator, Red Wing Shoe Co. 

Improvements to Shoe Production
Red Wing Shoe Co. operators make the highest quality work boots and shoes on the market. To do so, they're constantly dealing with solvents, wax, grease, staples, rubber and leather.

Many of the Red Wing Shoe Co.'s AcroMats have been in use for 2+ years. In a facility that operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, this has amounted to 11,000+ hours of uninterrupted support from their mats.

Despite the heavy use and constant exposure to harsh products, the closed cell, impervious materials continue to endure without failure.

Despite heavy use for over 11,000 hours and constant exposure to harsh products, this 100-1 Series mat remains intact with no sign of flattening, sinking, eroding or curling. 

Guaranteed Not to Curl
Red Wing Shoe Co. has a fast-paced environment; operators move back and forth across their workstations. Curling borders would be a critical safety hazard.

AcroMat's exclusive cut-and-bond mat design process, combined with premium closed cell materials, has led to a guarantee (and warrantee) the anti-fatigue mats will not curl, sink, flatten, or delaminate.

In partnership with AcroMat, backed by a no easy-outs warranty, Red Wing Shoe employees are able to operate at high capacity without fear over their next step, for years at a time. 

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