Worst Mat Wins


Bad mats. They’re everywhere. You're probably standing on one right now. You know the ones – mats that buckle, bloat, curl, erode, slide around, and sink underfoot.

Trade your “worst” mat for something better with our Worst Mat Wins Contest. Simply send us a photo of your bad mat, and you’ll be entered to win a custom AcroMat of your choice.

No hassle, no obligation. Just a $2,000 value and up to 8 years of ergonomic support!

Details on how to enter below.

Worst Mat Wins

Here's how the contest works:

1. Snap a photo of an anti-fatigue mat you’re having trouble with. Attach the photo via email and send to worstmatwins@acromat.com with the subject line Worst Mat Contest.

2. On the last Tuesday of the month, we’ll randomly draw one entry to win a custom mat precision cut to fit your workspace, either a 100-1 Series or NitriTuf Diamond Series.

Up to a $2,000 value and 8 years of uninterrupted ergonomic support!

Option 1: Select a 100-1 Series anti-fatigue mat, standard or custom. If custom, we'll work with you to determine measurements, shape/size and features. Class 5 Cleanroom-certified option also available.

Option 2:
 Select a NitriTuf Diamond Series mat. Standard or custom!

3. If selected, we'll reach out via email to determine best-fit mat type, shape and size, and delivery address. Our team will then precision cut and ship your mat within a few days. 

Bonus entry:

Double your entry and chances of winning by posting your worst mat photo on LinkedIn, tagging AcroMat and using the #WorstMatWins hashtag.

The contest is entirely anonymous.

Our goal is to provide you with a better mat so you can stand safer, healthier and stronger. No information will be used or shared publicly unless explicitly given permission to do so.

Why are we doing this contest?

We surveyed several hundred safety managers, production supervisors, continuous improvement champions, and an array of additional specialists and leaders who impact safety.

  • Nearly 70% expect their anti-fatigue mats to last at least 2 years.
  • Only 32% say they actually are.

This is a widespread problem in the anti-fatigue mat industry, primarily because it means your work area is unsafe and uncomfortable. We've created a new standard in comfort and durability, and want to share this with as many hard-working, long-standing workers as we can.

If your entry isn't selected but you still want to trial an AcroMat, simply let us know and we'll get a free sample mat on its way for you to keep!

AcroMat is a custom anti-fatigue mat manufacturer based in the Twin Cities.

About AcroMat:

At AcroMat, quality, customization and service are our promise, and a part of all that we do. Our industrial grade materials are designed to endure even the harshest environments, offering consistent performance and exceptional durability year after year. Our mats are precision-cut specifically for your workspace, providing a perfect fit that eliminates slip, trip and fall hazards, and ergonomic support that cushions every step. And our dedicated team provides a seamless, personalized process from start to install.

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