nVent Eliminates Trip Hazards With Custom-Anti-Fatigue Mat

nVent Eliminates Trip Hazards With Custom-Anti-Fatigue Mat

Forty percent of the safety leaders we polled say their No. 1 challenge with anti-fatigue mats is having to piece together rectangular shapes to cover a work area. This creates preventable trip hazards, inconsistent surfaces, overlapped mats, and exposed slippery surfaces.

This is the exact issue that previously faced an nVent facility in Minnesota. The global leader in enclosures, electric heat-tracing solutions sought a transformative shift. 

nVent partnered with AcroMat to design a one-piece custom anti-fatigue mat that fully covered a complex layout. The custom 100-1 Series mat eliminated the need to try and piece together disconnected mats, which in turn eliminated a number of slip, trip, and fall hazards. The non-slip surface and 100% nitrile material also elevated musculoskeletal health.

From multiple disconnected pieces to a single custom anti-fatigue mat.

Custom shape designed in minutes with AcroSketch.

Exposed harsh, slippery surfaces covered with non-slip ergonomic support.

Features & Benefits

  • Trip hazards eliminated (no pieced together mats)
  • Custom, one-piece shape fully covers complex layout
  • 100% nitrile will not flatten, ever
  • ADA-compliant yellow borders; guaranteed not to curl
  • Designed in minutes with AcroSketch
  • Precision cut and shipped within 10 business days
  • 2-year full replacement warranty


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