Andersen Windows: "It's Nice to See Workers Smiling About What They Stand On"

Andersen Windows: "It's Nice to See Workers Smiling About What They Stand On"

"He was so happy about the new mat he started dancing," shares Andersen Windows Manufacturing Engineer, Patrick Shoemaker. In the video below, Patrick shares how one custom anti-fatigue mat in particular brought more than safety to his team.

Challenge & Solution
Andersen Windows is a leading windows and doors manufacturer with more than 12,000 employees across the U.S. The company has long partnered with AcroMat to design custom anti-fatigue mats to various shapes and sizes for their unique layouts. 

Custom Shape
For this particular project, Patrick needed an anti-fatigue mat that would fully cover an area with non-slip, anti-fatigue support. The large mat also needed an outward facing cutout / peninsula to make sure operators could operate the station without having to step off the mat on to harsh flooring below.

Patrick used AcroMat's proprietary custom mat drawing tool, AcroSketch, to design the unique shape and size.

The AcroMat production team precision cut and shipped this 550 sq. ft. custom 100-1 Series mat within 10 business days. 

Reduced Trip Hazards
Using AcroSketch, Patrick added 20-degree, ADA-compliant yellow borders to highlight entry/exit points, reduce trip hazards, and support cart traffic. 

Preventing Ergonomic Injuries
The 100% nitrile material will not compress or lose its ergonomic cushion over time, reducing musculoskeletal injury risks and providing proven ergonomic support in an intense manufacturing environment for up to 8 years.

The AcroMat 100-1 Series is guaranteed not to curl, compress, or come apart. Review the AcroMat 2-year full replacement warranty.  

Reduced Year-Over-Year Expenses
Pure nitrile is impervious to liquids and chemicals; it will not crack, bloat, buckle or curl. The Pure nitrile also naturally adheres to the floor, preventing sliding and particles from accumulating underneath the mat. The durability, exclusive design, and full replacement warranty eliminate yearly mat expenses. 

"It's nice to see our workers smiling about what they stand on," says Patrick. "Everything we've gotten from AcroMat has been pretty much spot on. Consistent, quality products. That's one thing that really keeps us going with AcroMat."

Here's a glimpse of another custom anti-fatigue mat designed for Andersen Windows, one of the most unique shapes our team has made to date: 


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