Curved Anti-Fatigue Mat “Huge Win” for Fortune 500

Curved Anti-Fatigue Mat “Huge Win” for Fortune 500

Square pegs don’t fit into round holes. The Director of Operations for a Fortune 500 luxury hotel brand spent over $5,000 and several months trying to make square and rectangular anti-fatigue mats work in a circular restaurant bar with unique pivots and angles.

Unaware custom anti-fatigue mats were an option, the standard-shaped mats were leading to trip hazards from being pieced next to each other, ergonomic hazards due to exposed harsh (and slippery) flooring, and constant spending due to poor durability and ineffectiveness.

The Director spent more than $5,000 trying to find the right anti-fatigue solution before connecting with AcroMat.

The Director reached out to AcroMat, and we set up a virtual meeting the same day. Our team helped him develop an action plan that would put an end to the issues above: design a custom anti-fatigue mat that would cover the entire layout, provide proven ergonomic support, and be made from materials that were impervious to liquids and cleaning chemicals. 

“I think this may be the win we have been looking for,” shared the Director.

The AcroMat team designed, precision cut and shipped the Fortune 500's custom mat within 10 business days. Two weeks after initial outreach, after months of searching and coming up empty, the Fortune 500's solution is in place.

This custom AcroMat 100-1 Series mat was designed to wrap fully around the bar area, eliminating slip, trip, and ergonomic hazards.

Benefits & Features

  • Curved designed matches bar layout; no gaps in coverage or exposed harsh flooring
  • 100% nitrile guaranteed not to curl or compress, elevating ergonomic health
  • 100% nitrile is antimicrobial, preventing harmful growth in an area prone to spills
  • 100% nitrile is impervious to liquids, preventing bloating, curling, and cracking
  • NFSI “high traction” certified; according to NFSI, reduces wet-slip claims by 50-90%

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One of the Director’s main challenges was cleaning. His team is required to clean the bar area daily; this includes scrubbing and mopping with industrial cleaners. The other mats they tried were wearing down when met with cleaning products – eroding, absorbing, and bloating.

Pure nitrile is impervious to liquids and chemicals; it’s incapable of absorbing them even if a rip or tear develops. This allows the mats to be washed with industrial strength cleaners like bleach and ammonia without fear of the material breaking down.

100% nitrile can be cleaned using any products without fear of the material breaking down. In fact, regular cleanings can add up to a year of life. 


Workstations aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your anti-fatigue mats shouldn’t have to be either.

The Director at the Fortune 500 had a unique and specific need. After weeks of searching, coming up empty and spending thousands of dollars, he felt defeated.

With AcroMat, the Director designed the custom mat his team needed in just a few days. Backed by our 2-year full replacement warranty which protects against curling, flattening and tearing, the Director is finally able to "set and forget" the problem for years to come.  

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