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100-ESD Series Custom

100-ESD Series Custom


Renowned for its comfort and durability. Precision-cut to the size/shape you need, providing a perfect fit that eliminates slip, trip, and fall hazards. Surface resistance of 5.68 x 10^7 ohms. 

Quality. Made from 5/8" thick, 100% closed cell nitrile rubber foam. Unlike traditional foam mats, guaranteed not to curl or flatten. 

Durability. 3-8 year life expectancy; average ~5 years. Impervious to liquids and chemicals. Latex and silicone free, non-allergenic.

Safety. NFSI "High Traction" Certified. Comes with 30-degree bevels; 20-degree, ADA-compliant, OSHA-approved yellow borders available. Class 5 (ISO-5) Cleanroom Certified. 100% antimicrobial.

Comfort. Reduces pain and discomfort by 50% compared to hard surfaces. Ergonomist-approved medium-soft durometer rating. Softens joint impact while encouraging muscle movement and healthy blood flow.

Accountability. Guaranteed to ship within 10 business days. 60-day moneyback guarantee. 2-year full warranty. Free shipping on $100 orders. Ships to Canada for flat $50 fee. Grounding snap included. 

Customize. Click Design Custom 100-ESD Series Mat to draw custom shape and size. For standard sizes (2-6 ft. width, 2-75 ft. length), visit 100-ESD Series.

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