How long do your anti-fatigue mats last?

The AcroMat 100-1, 100-Cleanroom, and 100-ESD Series anti-fatigue mats have a life expectancy of 3-8 years. The mats are made from 100% nitrile, which is renowned for its durability and the fact that it will not lose its ergonomic cushion, ever. The life expectancy largely depends on the environment, use, and care. In manufacturing environments with chemical spills and splashes, used 12-24 hours a day, the life expectancy will be in the 3-8 year range. In retail, cleanrooms, even homes, the 100-Series may last even longer. Pure nitrile is incapable of absorbing liquids and chemicals, which extends the life of the mat significantly.

The AcroMat NitriTuf Diamond Series also has a life expectancy of 3-8 years. The anti-fatigue pad is made from a closed cell NBR rubber foam, which is bonded under the diamond tread surface. The borders are manufactured from 100% nitrile, which is highly durable in even the most intense manufacturing environments. Collectively, the materials we use and our exclusive design allow us to guarantee the borders will never curl. 

Do your anti-fatigue mats have a warranty? 

The AcroMat 100-1, 100-Cleanroom, 100-ESD, and NitriTuf Diamond Series mats are covered under a 2-year full replacement warranty, covering any defects in material and workmanship. 

The warranty guarantees:

  • The edges of your mat will NOT curl.
  • The mat will NOT flatten or lose its ergonomic cushion.
  • The bonds along your mat will NOT come apart.

No ambiguity or easy outs. At AcroMat, we stand behind each mat we manufacture on your behalf, and we are accountable to the outcome. 

Do you offer free samples?

Absolutely. We want you to buy with confidence and know the mat(s) you're considering will serve your employees well. Simply let us know the mat type(s) you want to sample, along with any shape or size requirements, and we will quickly get a mat in the works for you.

Our account management team will follow up to verify dimensions and delivery address.

Request a sample here

5 key steps to make the most of your sample mat(s)

What is your lead time?

10 business days. Whether 5 standard mats or 500 custom mats, we will precision cut and ship your order within 10 business days. Safety doesn't wait; you shouldn't have to wait either.

How long do quote requests take?

We provide quotes the same day requests are received. If you need a unique custom mat, we also offer site visits for a small fee to carefully inspect, measure the workspace(s), and design the mat(s) on your behalf. Once we've nailed down the design, we will provide your quote the same day.  

Request a quote.

Book a virtual meeting or site visit.

How much does it cost to customize?

We do not charge customization fees. Whether a simple 2 ft. by 3 ft. anti-fatigue mat or a 500+ sq. ft. mat with custom cutouts and various angles, you only pay for the square footage of material. In fact, if you include a cutout, this actually reduces the price because you're reducing the amount of material.

We believe custom should be as easy, fast, and cost-efficient as standard matting. Safety and health depend on it, and we have built our business around this approach.  

Designed in minutes with AcroSketch, including built-in yellow stripes for safety; precision cut as a single piece, delivered within 10 business days, 5+ years of uninterrupted support. 

What does shipping cost?

Free shipping on all orders $100 or more. Orders less than $100 include a flat fee of just $15. We ship to Canada with the same 10-day lead time for a flat $50 fee.

How are your mats different than all the others?

Almost every mat on the market is made from  a PVC foam or PVC/nitrile blend. The key difference with AcroMat, our mats are made from a virgin, closed cell, 100% nitrile rubber foam that does not not include a component of PVC. This translates to a much higher quality, durability, comfort, complete imperviousness to liquids and chemicals, and our guarantee your mats will never flatten or curl. 

Molded vs. Extruded
Extruding rubber is the easiest way to make foam mats and why so many suppliers sell extruded mats. However, to extrude rubber you have to add a percentage of PVC compound; PVC is not impervious to liquids or chemicals, and goes flat over time. Are your mats buckling or curling at the edges? It's highly likely the mat was extruded to include PVC foam. 

The alternative to foam mats is a solid/natural rubber style. Solid rubber has the benefit of durability, but it’s very hard underfoot and doesn’t provide much cushion for employees who stand long hours. Solid rubber is also only available in limited sizes and very heavy to ship, move, and clean.

At AcroMat, we manufacture our mats from molded, closed cell 100% nitrile rubber foam because of its durability, versatility, and because it serves so many industries’ needs. Pure nitrile does not include a PVC component, which enables our mats to endure without curling, flattening, or cracking in even the harshest environments. We have spent years developing this special rubber compound; it provides the maximum ergonomic benefit for operators while being durable enough to hold up in all types of environments. 

Pure nitrile is 100% antimicrobial, which prevents any harboring of bacteria. It's also ESD safe and Class 5 Cleanroom Certified. 

When you combine our mat material with endless customization capabilities – which eliminates having to piece together standard rectangles – the result is cost savings, fewer MSD injuries, and the virtual elimination of slip, trip, and fall hazards.

100% closed cell, molded nitrile rubber foam; custom design with circular cutout, glove-like fit, naturally adheres to floor.

Are your mats NFSI Certified?

Yes. The AcroMat 100-1 Series, 100-Cleanroom Series, 100-ESD Series, and NitriTuf Diamond Series mats are National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) Certified for "High Traction." What does NFSI Certification mean?

NFSI is an independent testing agency that uses an intricate testing system which helps manufacturers like AcroMat learn how our products help keep users safe from slips, trips, and falls. More importantly, wet-slip testing and certification helps you know with certainty you're investing in mats that will protect your people.

Our premium mats were tested according to NFSI's Transitional Coefficient of Friction (TCOF) scale, earning a score of greater than 0.6 and putting each mat in the "high traction" category. According to NFSI, floor surfaces with a 0.6 TCOF or greater level of slip resistance when wet reduce slip-and-fall claims by 50-90%.

Learn more: The Safety Value of NFSI Certification

NFSI Certified “High-Traction” Products Database

The AcroMat 100-1, 100-ESD, 100-Cleanroom, and NitriTuf Diamond Series anti-fatigue mats are NFSI Certified for "high traction" in wet/oily environments.

What areas can I use these mats?

  • Wet/oily areas
  • Dry/dusty areas
  • Assembly lines
  • Retail
  • Production
  • Standing desks
  • Shipping stations
  • Machine operators
  • Cleanrooms (Class 5 Cleanroom Certified)
  • ESD safe areas
  • Welding shops
  • Food production
  • Kitchens
  • Workshops

Should I rent or buy mats?

Renting costs exponentially more over time. When purchasing a mat you know the price upfront and are not bound to a contract. Rental mats tend to be of lower quality and may not fit your needs. Further, rentals only come in standard sizes (e.g., 2' x 3') which may not fit your unique layout.

With AcroMat, we will design and precision cut your mat to the shape/size needed to fit space perfectly. The quality of material and design translates to a one-time investment followed by 5+ years of uninterrupted support. 

How can you stop mats from slipping on the floor?

We manufacturer our mats from pure nitrile closed cell rubber foam, which grips the floor in ways PVC and PVC/nitrile blend do not. Adding our non-slip coating, GripCoteX, provides an added layer of friction on the bottom of your mat for especially slick floors. Custom mats designed to fit likewise elevate slip resistance; with a glove-like fit, they have nowhere to move.

Pure nitrile combined with a custom design creating a glove-like fit, this custom 100-1 Series mat has no room to slide. 

What is the biggest mat you can make? Is there a limit on dimensions?

Any shape. Any size. No limit. We've designed mats well over 1,000 sq. ft.

Custom 100-1 Series, covering over 1,200 sq. ft. of floor space.

How well do your mats hold up to oil/coolant fluid?

Pure nitrile is incapable of absorbing any liquids, including oil, chemicals, coolants, and water. Even in wet/oily environments, 100% nitrile retains its anti-slip properties. Drainage holes can be custom added to any mat using AcroSketch to assist in extremely wet/oily conditions.

Left: PVC and PVC/nitrile blended anti-fatigue mats after ~2 years. Right: 100% nitrile mat after 5 years; unaffected by steady oil/chemical splashes.

Is 100% nitrile durable?

Pure nitrile is the most durable anti-fatigue mat material on the market. The material, combined with a design we've honed over 15 years, regularly lasts 5+ years in even the harshest manufacturing environments. In fact, we guarantee our mats will never flatten or curl.

While nitrile is highly durable, it is not impenetrable. Anti-fatigue mats are designed for feet and to endure oils, coolants, grease, shavings, sawdust, food products, and an array of liquids. If you drop sharp tools or heavy sharp equipment on to your mats, they may tear or create a divot. If you move the mats to clean and are not careful with the material, it may tear. If you have a large custom mat with unique angles and turns, and are not careful when moving or cleaning, it may tear.

Like any investment, you will get out of your anti-fatigue mats what you put into them. With proper care and maintenance, our 100% nitrile mats will often last 5+ years in manufacturing settings, and 8+ years in non-industrial settings.   

Do you have distributors?

AcroMat is a family-owned, business-to-business, anti-fatigue mat manufacturing company. As such, we manufacture and sell directly to the end-user. We precision cut and ship every order from our business office and production facility here in Lakeville, Minnesota, just south of the Minneapolis Metro.

We also have a number of trusted dealers. Visit our Trusted Dealers page to see a list of distributors. We have twice as many distributors as those who are listed; shoot us a quick message to find out if your vendor is on the list. 

Are mats better than insoles?

Insoles need to be replaced every ~6 months. They leave with an employee when there is turnover. You need to order specific sizes for each employee. Conversely, AcroMat anti-fatigue mats can be designed, installed, and laid out in the production facility for upwards of 8 years. They remain intact through turnover, 24-hour daily use, can be cleaned without breaking down, and provide a consistent non-slip surface and ergonomic cushion that never flattens. 

Do you install the mats?

AcroMat anti-fatigue mats are designed and delivered in one piece. To install, simply unbox, unroll, and place in the appropriate workspace. If you've ordered a large custom mat that wraps around machinery, thus needing to be bonded onsite once installed, we provide the tools and materials needed to perform this work. If you need a hand, we happily offer installation for a small fee.

What happens if we damage it? Can it be repaired?

AcroMat is the only mat manufacturer in the world to offer anti-fatigue mat repair, extensions, and full restoration. As the photo below shows, the AcroMat 100-Series mats can be repaired, re-purposed, and extended if work layouts change. If someone damages a mat by dropping sharp equipment, we offer a Repair Kit that allows you to restore the mat in minutes. The Repair Kit includes the same industrial strength adhesive we use to make our mats, which guarantees the bonds will never come apart.

If your mat needs a major repair or extension, you can simply ship your mat back to our facility, pay only for the additional mat materials, and we will ship your mat back free of charge. Get in touch today to learn more or to initiate a repair, extension, or addition.  

Showing a recent anti-fatigue mat repair and extension after a layout change; adding a custom extension prevented the need to by new years before they needed to. 

Do you offer different colors?

The AcroMat 100-1 Series can be manufactured in black, grey, terracotta, and yellow colors. To select color variations, made to any shape and size and with or without drainage holes, design your mat with AcroSketch

Showing the terracotta, yellow, and grey colors available in addition to black.

Are your mats made in the U.S.?

While we source some materials from abroad, we precision cut, shape, and bond all of our anti-fatigue mats here in the U.S., directly from our our production facility just south of Minneapolis, Minnesota.