Better Mats, By Design

Put an end to slip, trip and fall hazards and cushion every step with anti-fatigue mats precision cut specifically for your workspace

At AcroMat, we combine limitless customization possibilities, an exclusive design process, premium materials and a zero-doubt performance warranty so you can be free from highly common issues like sinking, flattening, curling and delamination.

Never invest in anti-fatigue mats again without peace of mind and absolute certainty they will perform the way you need them to – protecting your people and your budget. 

A New Standard in Quality

Unlike PVC foam and PVC/nitrile blends, which break down quickly, we make our mats from closed cell, virgin, 100% nitrile rubber foam. Pure nitrile is designed to endure even the harshest environments, offering consistent performance and exceptional durability for years at a time.

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Custom Made Easy

Workstations come in all shapes and sizes, your anti-fatigue mats should too. Whether a simple 2.5 ft. by 3.5 ft. rectangle or 2,000+ sq. ft. with various angles, cutouts and curves, we (or you) can design the mat you need in minutes with our proprietary custom mat building tool, AcroSketch.

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Invest with Peace Of Mind

Our 2-year full-replacement performance warranty protects you from sinking, flattening, curling and delamination. We stand behind every mat we manufacture on your behalf, and are 100% accountable to how it performs for your team.

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Partnership Promise

We’re not an online mat supplier with chatbots and auto-replies, or looking for a quick sale. AcroMat is a family-owned manufacturer committed to sending your people home from work as safe and healthy as when they arrived. Questions? Unsure where to begin? Let's walk through it all together!

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Andersen Windows Testimonial

What Our Customers Say

"Our operators have provided amazing feedback on the ergonomics. The mats are soft and comfortable, yet strong and durable. I highly recommend them for industrial applications."
–Kevin Johnson, Engineering Technologist, Andersen Windows

“Communication from the AcroMat team is fast and relevant. The turnaround time exceeded my expectations. The feedback from my team has been nothing but positive, and they’re already asking when I’m replacing the rest of our mats on the production floor.”
–Ronald Bishop, Production Manager, Optum, Inc.

"These custom mats are the highest quality I have ever come across. From lead time to quality and longevity, AcroMat has the best product around. Beyond quality, the customer service is astounding."
–Bianca Crowder, Safety Specialist, Classic Jerky Company

"We won't use anything else. The custom design option is a gamechanger."
–Mark Holman, President, Surefitters

"AcroMat mats are the most highly rated by employees in terms of comfort. Once they gain a reputation in a plant, my clients will request them specifically."
–Mary Plehal, Ergonomist, Owner, OptimaEHS